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Policy Consultation - Bilateral KSP

Project Data
Country Project Name Year
Mongolia TBD

ThemeGeneral Financial Markets

Step Interim Reporting and Policy Practitioners' Workshop
  • Partner Country Mongolia
  • Project Title TBD
  • The Ministry and Office Concerned Ministry of Finance
  • Research Institute Korea Finance Research Center

Project Data

From Jun. 3rd to Jun. 8th, 2018, Interim Reporting and Policy Practitioners' workshop was carried out in Seoul and Busan, Korea. Total of 8 delegates came to Korea led by the Head from Ministry of Finance. The interim reporting workshop was hosted to share the progress and tentative policy recommendations of each topic's research. In addition, institutional visits including Financial Services Commision, Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Banking Institute, Korea Federation of Savings Banks, Korea Securities Depository, Korea Exchange and Korea Housing-Finance corporation, were prepared to provide policy implications through the Korea's experiencing economic development in each topic's sector.
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Interim Reporting and Policy Practitioners' Workshop

  • Date Jun. 3rd ~ 8th, 2018
  • Venue Seoul and Busan
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