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Policy Consultation - Bilateral KSP

Project Data
Country Project Name Year
Ghana Revenue Forecasting and Tax Policy Assessment


Step Launching Seminar and High-level Meeting
  • Partner Country Ghana
  • Project Title Revenue Forecasting and Tax Policy Assessment
  • The Ministry and Office Concerned Ministry of Finance
  • Research Institute Korea Development Institute

Project Data

From Oct. 15th to 20th, 2017, the Korean delegation headed by Dr. Hyung Hwan JOO(Former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy) conducted the KSP launching seminar and High-level meeting in Accra, Ghana.
The Korean delegation visited the the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ghana Statistical Service, and Ghana Revenue Authority in order to identify local demands on tax revenue forecasting policy as a part of pilot study.
As a result, the Korean delegation and MOF stakeholders agreed upon the sub-topics of '17/18 Ghana KSP and coordinated the research scope.
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Launching Seminar and High-level Meeting

  • Date Oct. 15th - 20th, 2017
  • Venue Accra, Ghana
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