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Joint Consulting with International Organization(IOs) - Multilateral KSP

Project Data
Agency Project Name Year
WB Case Studies of Korea’s Public-Private Partnership (Phase 1)

Theme Public, Health and Welfare Economics > Publicly Provided Goods

Step Policy Recommendations
  • Partner Country Vietnam ,Philippines ,Lao PDR ,Mongolia ,Kazakhstan
  • Project TitleCase Studies of Korea’s Public-Private Partnership
  • Partner Ministries
  • Research InstituteDasan Consultatnt Co.Ltd.

Program Implementation

  • 01 Identification of Candidate Projects
  • 02 Agreement on an Action Plan or a Work Plan
  • 03 Agreement on Work Scope
  • 04 Diagnosis
  • 05 Consulting
  • 06 Policy Recommendations
  • 07 Evaluation

Project Data

Public private partnership (PPP) engages private sector participants in building and managing public infrastructure such as roads, railway and environmental facilities to benefit from the creative approaches and efficiency of the private sector. Cooperation between the public and private sectors are critical for successful implementation of a PPP project.

This project coverd the following areas to perform case studies of successful PPP projects in Korea and provide customized consulting service to the partner country.
- Overall analysis of a project including background, project model and key factors
- Conflict-resolution factors for successful project implementation
- Local survey on PPP projects through data search and interviews
- Customized consulting service based on survey results


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