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In order to complement the KSP Policy Consultation, KDI had completed a series of case studies from 2007 to 2010 on Korea’s development experience. Since 2011, the KDI School of Public Policy & Management has carried out the modularization of Korea’s development experience, which documents policies, their implementation and outcomes, institution building process, and public projects that had greatly contributed to Korea’s economic development. The outcomes of the project will be used as preliminary materials for future policy consultations as well as other development assistance programs. The modularization project consisting of 118 cases with complete documentation is expected to be concluded in 2013.

e-Content Development Project aims at establishing an e-Learning platform for both advanced and developing countries by distributing case modules of Korea’s economic development experience in a more accessible way. The topics of e-Content consist of the New Village Movement and R&D promotion, which were important contributors to the unprecedented economic growth of Korea.


Evidence-based Seeks to build up empirical and in-depth research results of Korea’s experience on economic development to ensure that policy recommendations are based on sound evidence.
Comprehensive development knowledge Encompasses all areas of Korea’s unique experience from government reform, industrial and agricultural policies to social policies such as education, health, and environment.
Inspiration seeking Provides the most relevant and inspirational development know-how to partner countries that are derived from Korea’s transformation from an aid-recipient to a donor country.


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