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Korea and Knowledge Sharing:

Knowledge has emerged as an essential component of de- velopment cooperation. As the G20 Multi-Year Action Plan on Development Notes, sharing development experience contrib- utes to the adoption and adaptation of effective development solutions.

Korea has transformed itself from an aid-recipient country to a donor country by achieving unprecedented economic growth within the past half century. From a war-torn country to the economic miracle of today, Korea has become the envy of most developing countries in its unprecedented economic growth. Drawing from its own experience of learning from advanced countries, Korea recognizes “knowledge sharing” as an effec- ctive and innovative tool for economic development.

As a result, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) of the Republic of Korea launched the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP), a new paradigm of development cooperation, in 2004. It aims to share Korea’s development know-how, assisting the partner countries and working towards lessening the knowledge divide.

KSP Partners

Partner Countries List
Sub-Saharan Africa Middle East and North Africa Europe and Central Asia Southeast Asia, South Asia and Northeast Asia Latin America and Caribbean

The Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is a knowledge-intensive development and economic cooperation program designed to share Korea’s development experience with partner countries.* The KSP offers comprehensive policy consultations tailored to the needs of partner countries encompassing in-depth analysis, policy consultation, and training opportunities.

*Partner Countries: all countries that wish to share knowledge for development with Korea, especially learning and finding implications through Korea's economic development. The partner country is not limited to OECD/DAC list of ODA recipients.

*Partner Countries: All countries that wish to share Korea’s development knowledge and experience, especially learning and finding implications through Korea’s economic development. The partner country is not limited to the OECD/DAC list of ODA recipients.

KSP is comprised of three parts:
  1. 1. Policy Consultation, System Consulting – Bilateral KSP
  2. 2. Joint Consultation with International Organization (IOs) - Multilateral KSP
  3. 3. Modularization of Korea’s development experience

KSP Philosophy

Knowledge-based, Sustainable Growth, Partnership

KSP believes in the principle of ”Enabling” and not ”Providing.”

The vision of KSP is built upon Knowledge-driven development, which consists of sharing Korea’s experience on economic development and prosperity with policymakers of partner countries, enhancing their capacities and confidence.

The principle of ”Sharing” aims for sustainable growth, creating the base for high ownership-driven and self-reinforcing mid- and long-term economic growth.

The KSP builds friendships created upon the partnership, and hopes for co-prosperity.


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